The old older changeth yielding place to new’ is a line which has been extracted from a poem entitled The Passing of Arthur’ composed by Alfred Tennyson, the greatest poet of English Literature of 19th century. Tennyson has sung –

The old older changeth, yielding place to new.

And God fulfills himself in many ways,

Least one good custom should corrupt the world.

Thus, the poet has sung an eternal truth. The poet records here the advice given by King Arthur to Sir Bedivere who wanted to know what he has to do after the departure of the King. The King replies that he should not be upset by Arthur’s departure. Old things die awy; new things take their place. That is the way how the world goes on. The only thing which man can do is to believe in God and welcome the new changes.

In this world all the things are subject to change. The wheel of time moves on and mixes into eternity. The old and the new come forward. We people ring-out the old and ring in the new. Everywhere there is change but the changed things are replaced by the new. The day goes and night comes and again day takes the place of night. Winter goes and spring slips in. This law is applicable in all the spheres of life, art, literature, politics, economics and science etc. The world marches ahead on the path of progress owing to the change of old order and replacement of the old with the new.

Description of the changes brought about by French revolution

If we read history sincerely, we come to the conclusion that change is the rule of life. History and science relate to us stories of man’s rise and growth from one age to the other age. There is a great change recorded in the history from ancient stone age to the later stone age. The copper age changed this old order and recorded its own impression upon the world. Life is a drama. This world is a drama. One scene follows the other scene and one act is followed by the other act and so on and so forth. Everything is ephemeral; nothing is permanent.

Many revolutions took place in the past and they are the best examples of the new taking the place of the old. The French Revolution is the best example of that. Before the French Revolution there were monarchs, dictators and tyrants in France. Their will was law. It brought the age of Liberty. Equality and Fraternity. It brought true Democracy in France.

New change in economic and scientific spheres

This change can be very easily and distinctly seen in the spheres of science and economics. Our forefathers worshipped the forces of nature but we now totally deny them all. We laugh at them who worship forces of nature. It is due to the changes brought by the science. The age of Alchemy has been replaced by pure chemistry. It was a cry in wilderness to think about the aeroplanes in that age and people used to take long time to reach at a particular place. Now aeroplane has taken the place of monotonous journey of the past. Now we can have our breakfast in India, lunch in Russia and dinner in London. Now man has conquered nature.

Now science has given atom bomb which has taken the place of sword and spear. Now big and magnificent machines are working. They have replaced the manual labour. Now the machines are ready to do the intellectual work also. Now the economic condition has been completely changed. Capitalism is replaced by socialism.

The Condition of the world after and before the World War I

The World War I ended in 1919. This was changed the condition of so many countries. The Czars of Russia were supposed to be the worst possible dictators in the world, but this world changed the Czarist Russia. It gave place to the Communist Russia. So many countries which were under tyrannical rule, were given democracy. The 2nd World War took place in 1939. It also proved the old saying that the old order changeth yielding place to new. The dictator ship breathed its last. The old feudal order disappeared and democracy in true sense stepped in.

The condition of India before and after the British rule

India is the best and most glaring example of the old order changeth yielding place to new’. We shudder today remembering the past insults done to use. We were slaves and had no right to speak even a single word during the British rule. But the sin of the Britishers devoured them. The old order was changed on account of war for freedom and a new order took place. The Britishers were forced to leave India bag and baggage and new Indian Government replaced the British rule here. Now the political, economic and social condition of India has been completely changed. The congress party took over and claimed to change the outlook of India. But now we see that this order is also changing and new is going to take place of the old. All the parties are how well-determined to root out the Congress party and in so many states, Congress Government has been uprooted.


Seeing all the above-mentioned things we come to the conclusion that the old order changeth yielding place to new. Change is the rule in everything of the world. A newly born child grows up and is changed into a boy who is further changed into a man. The morning is replaced by the evening and so on and so forth.

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