Though we are living in age of international understanding and co-operation yet it is in fitness of things to think of national defense. On the side, science and technology have shrunk time and space and have knit the world into compact whole, on the other they have made the scientifically advanced countries greedy, arrogant and uncompromising. Thus, the cry for national defense is growing very strong in every country. The situation is that all countries and especially the big powers’ are maliciously jealous and suspicious of one another.

The problem of national defense is the most important and urgent

Of all the problems. India is facing at present, the most important and urgent is that of national defense. Since the dawn of independence till 1962, we had been in a fool’s paradise talking of imaginary thing like “Panch-sheel”. When the Communist China made an attack on us most brutally, we came to know the reality. In 1965, when again, we had to face another aggression we were more competent and strong to push back the aggressor because we had learnt a lesson from the Chinese attack. We have to remember two hard realities while thinking of national defense. Firstly, we have to defend our thousands of miles long borders. Secondly, the borders are always the bone of contention between India and her two insolent neighbours who have joined hands together, in spite of cultural and ideological differences between both against India. Through the glasses of realism. India has to view this situation and has to made her defense very strong. The example of Israel should give her impetus. It is really inspiring and thrilling to see that Israel with her two and a half million people and with an area of land equal to that of two districts of Uttar Pradesh brought the Arab countries to their heels within seventy-two hours. National defense is the first need of any nation or of the Indian nation.

The prospects of the Third World War

The clouds of the Third World War are hovering over out heads because every country is arming herself to the teeth. The war-lords are doing all this in the name of national defense. Every country seems to be suffering from fear and suspicious complexes. Among the war-mongering nations of the world, India’s cry for peace and harmony is not heard with attention and is sometimes laughed at. To give a suitable reply to the belligerent nations of the world, our national defense must be well equipped.

India and her enemies

Had the world been full of persons like Gautama and Gandhi, there would have been no need of national defense. Since the world is full of persons like Chou-En-Lie, who first of all tells a lie and then chews it, and Yahya Khan and Bhutto who lost the balance of mind, a strong national defense is a must for India. The countries where democracy has failed and which have fallen into the crude hands of dictators are jealous of us. We may or may not join any power block, but our enemies, critics and opponents will drag us into a block for their own gain. In case, the Third World War breaks out, it will not be possible for India to maintain the sanctity of her policy of non-alignment.


Diamond cuts diamond, China has exploded the Hydrogen bomb in order to frighten her enemies and to attract her friends. India, too has to manufacture the atom bomb and the Hâ‚‚ bomb. Non-violence will fail utterly in dealing with China and Pakistan. Non-violence is a weapon which can be successful against a cultured nation like Britain. It cannot be successful against an uncultured and barbaric country like China. We have to change our policy of non violence against China and Pakistan. All our experiments in the name of international understanding and co-operation have been unsuccessful and now we must have an impregnable national defense for the protection of our territorial sovereignty.

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