A hobby is a pursuit or a profession not directly connected with one’s regular duties, but is taken up in the leisure hours as a pleasant part time engagement. It is taken up for the joy and pleasure. There is no question of getting profit out of it and if profit comes out, there is no objection to accept. To have some object of individual and personal interest away from daily routine is to develop a hobby of one’s own. If a man wants to make his life happy and contented, a hobby is the surest method and the easiest also for this. We generally get tired and bored by the dull and monotonous profession which we take up to earn our bread and butter. The hobby removes our dullness and monotony. It recreates us, gives us life and charges the battery of our life. The hobby is like some salt to make our life tasty.

The life is full of struggle. All men are busy in earning their bread and they have to work hard continuously for hours and hours together. Generally men do not get the work or profession of their liking. They get the work which they do not like to take up. They cannot lose the profession as they have to feed their family. Our hobbies come to help us. These hobbies stand before us as rascue and give us much joy. While busy in our hobbies we feel as if we are doing the work of our own taste and liking. We feel as if the time is our own. Hobbies sweeten our life by making us efficient to bear the burden of work delightfully.

Variety of hobbies

Different people have different tastes, temperaments and interests. As such a single hobby cannot sult all. Hence it is but natural that the hobbies must be varied. There is no limit to the varieties and forms of one’s favorite pastimes and pleasures. Some common hobbies are as follow:

(a) Collection of old and used postal stamps.

(b) Collection of old coins of different countries.

(c) Collection of curious and autographs of eminent person ages.

(d) Gardening by oneself.

(e) Picture collecting.

(f) Horse of cycle riding.

(g) Reading novels of favourite authors.

(h) Photography or painting.

(i) Collecting beautiful insects. (1) Writing for pleasure.

(k) Hiking in the countryside.

(l) Music-vocal or instrumental.

(m) Fishing.

(n) Pen friendship.

These hobbies are very common among men. Each one picks up a hobby which makes a special appeal to him. There is actually no end to the variety of one’s favourite hobby for recreating him self. Recreation is the one end of all hobbies whatever may be the means by which that is achieved.

My hobbies

Man cannot keep himself engaged in serious work all the time. This proves boring and imposes a severe strain on one’s body and mind. This is the case with me also. Therefore, I also need relief from all these things, My hobbies have helped me a lot to keep me happy and to remove the monotony of my life.

My first hobby is gardening. I get up very early in the morning and keep busy in my own garden. I grow vegetables and different types of flowers in my own garden. When I enter my garden, I feel to enter a world of heaven. How colourful is the garden-green plants, red flowers and fruits, blue brinjals, white cauliflowers, green Jady fingers and many other fruits and vegetables fill my heart with joy. I sit in the garden and try to see that it is going to be more useful. I root out the weeds and kill the insects which harmmy flowers and vegetables.

I have got different varieties of the rose in my garden. I take much pain to protect them.

A garden this type is doubly useful. It gives beauty and pleasure and also the green and fresh vegetables to eat. I never have to purchase the vegetables from the market. I oblige my neighbours also giving them the seasonal vegetables. Besides these advantages, my hobby keeps me busy every time, whenever I am free. I do not have remaining time for party politics and I am always busy in my garden. This hobby certainly needs a bit exertion. Brick digging, watering plants off and on, weeding in the sun and keeping the beds in proper order-needs much strain but actually they give me pleasure and keep me fit in body, fresh in mind and hopeful in outlook. I roam about singing songs in my kitchen garden. Just as the heart of William Wordsworth used to leap when he saw a rain bow in the sky, in the same way my heart leaps when I see my garden flourishing. My eyes taste the sweet honey of different types of flowers and lying in a pensive mood, my garden dances before my inward eyes and I feel joy.

My second hobby is to study the books. I read the books generally in the evening after taking my tea. These books are a mental refreshment for me.

It is one of the most absorbing pursuits I have ever enjoyed. But I do not consider that I am a bookworm. I read the books for the sake of pleasure and not for appearing at the examination; hence I cannot be called a bookworm. I like to read the poems of great and famous romantic poets of English literature. My favourite poets are Keats, Shelley and Ravindra Nath Tagore. I read other poets also. I love the Ode to Nightingale’ composed by John Keats. While I read this ode, I too fly like the nightingale in the wilderness. I go far away from this world. See the following lines :

“Fade far away dissolve, and quite forget.

What thou among the leaves, has ever known.

The weariness and fever and fret.

Here, where men sit and hear other growl.

Actually my weariness, fever and fret are removed when I read this ode. I am carried away on the “View less wings of poetry” into the world of enchantment.

I like his following lines very much “Away 1 away I for I will fly to thee No charriotted by Bacchus and his bards But on the viewless wings of Poetry.”

In the end I feel, “Was it a vision, or waking dream; Fled in that music-do I wake or sleep.”

I think no ode can surpass this “Ode to Grecianurn”. Who can forget these immortal lines

“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter; Fair youth, beneath the trees, thou canst not leave;

The song, nor ever can those trees be bare; Bold lover! never never canst thou kiss, Though winning near the goal.”

What a good idea and fancy of the poet is found in this ode. The poet is made with joy seeing the painting on the urn and cries out

“And happy boughs that cannot shed Your leaves, nor ever bid the spring adieu….

More happy love, more happy love………

Really I like to do nothing when I am absorbed in Keat’s poems. My heart also cries out like Keats

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty that is all’

Ye know on earth all, ye need to know.” I like Shelley also the most famous romantic poet of English literature, pessimistic throughout life, ever anxious to reform the world, to fill the world with his idealism. I like his To a Sky Lark “very much, Reading this poem, I cry

“Teach me half the gladness That the brain must know, Such harmonious madness, From my lips would flow, The world should listen them, as I am listening.”

We cannot forget immortal line of Shelley “If winter comes can spring be far behind” from his ‘Ode to the West Wind’.

Shelley tells me to oppose the wrongs and injustice done in the society. I like idealism very much. I like to read the poems and works of Rabindra Nath Tagore also. I confess indeed that I become sober and wise after reading the lines and works of Tagore.

Again my hobby is more in the countryside. I like to see the green field of grains and the pasture full of cattle. I go out gene rally on Sundays when I have sufficient time at my disposal. I gene. rally return home after many hours completely exhausted but recreated and refreshed also. Then I enjoy a blissful sleep in the night. In the morning after getting up, I feel a new and young man in me.

Place of hobbies in one’s life

The place of hobbies in the life of man is very important. It is necessary for all to cultivate hobbies in one’s life. Actually these hobbies remove us from drudgery and monotony of life. They give the recreation and vigour to our tried and exhausted mind. The boring aspect of our monotonous life is removed on account of these hobbies. We do not have time to waste or to employ our mind in useless work.


All the hobbies are profitable in human aspects. Some hobbies are very costly-like collecting coins, stamps or photography. They need much money and time too. But some hobbies are very simple and cheap and they need simply our attention. It is also seen that all work and no game makes jack a dull boy and also an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. As such, we must be indulged in our hobbies. The real spirit of game is found in hobbies. Hobbies provide us the chance for play to be happy and to be far away from the monotony of life, hence we must develop our own hobbies of our own choice.

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