Varieties for Sub-Tropical zone

  •   Timely sown varieties (1st to 25th November): JAUW 584, HD 3226, HD 3086, HD 2967, WH 1105, RSP 561, 303, PBW 621, DPW50, DBW 222, 88, 187 & WB-2.
  •   Late sown varieties (20 November to 25 December): PBW -752, DBW-173, WH-1124, DBW-90, HD-3059
  •   Very late sown varieties (26 December to 15 January): PBW- 757, WH-1021, Raj 3765, Raj 3077
  •   Rainfed (PBW660, PBW 664, WH 1080, PBW 175, RSP 81
  •   Restricted Irrigation: HD 3237, HI1620, WH1142, HD3043

Varieties for Intermediate (800-1350 m)

  •   Timely sown (2nd to 4th week of November): HS562, VL907, HS507, HPW349
  • Rainfed, Timely sown (Last week of October to end of November): VL 832, VL 804
  • Late sown rainfed (HS 490, VL 892, HS 420)

Varieties for Temperate & High altitude

  • They are sown during the 2nd to 4th week of November: VL907, HS507, HPW349, VL804, HS 375.
  • In the case of the Zero/ Minimum tillage method of sowing, spray 1-2% glyphosate before sowing after the harvest of the previous crop for management of weeds.
  • In the case of the Bed planter method, sowing on raised beds is possible by using a bed planter on a 37.5cm wide bed and 30cm wide-furrow between two beds. This method gives comparable or 2-3% maximum yield.
  •   40 kg per acre of seed for normal sowing and 50 kg/acre for December sowing should be used. For very late sowing conditions (January), the seed rate should be enhanced to 60kg/acre.
  •   Under irrigated normal sown conditions, 40:20:10 NPK & under very late sown conditions, 32:16:10 NPK kg/acre should be used. Under un-irrigated conditions, 24:12:8 NPK is required. Once in three years, apply 8kg Zinc sulphate per acre.

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