Introduction India is beset with problems

The modern India is beset with many problems-political, social, educational and economic. Since the dawn of freedom, our leaders have been trying to solve all these problems sincerely and they have been successful to a great extent in their efforts. The greatest problem which has become more complicated with the passage of time, is that of student indiscipline. It is really a sorry state of affairs that the future makers of India are indisciplined and unruly. The salvation of India lies in the permanent solution of this problem.

Causes of indiscipline among students

No one can deny the fact that students in India are indisciplined. There can be difference of opinion about the causes of this wide-spread unrest. The first and foremost cause of this is our educational system. It is really unfortunate that even after a period of thirty years of independence, we have not been able to evolve a well-planned system of education. We still depend upon the old system of instructions which is the product of the foreign brains. The present system of education does not equip a boy for the long battle of life. He gets education because he has got a chance to receive education, he himself has no interest in it. Secondly, power-politics has stepped into the holy sphere of education. Some politicians have made the students tools in their hands and have poisoned the whole atmosphere. Education and politics are wholly opposed to each other. Thirdly, our educational system does not stress the importance of moral instruction. India is a Secular State but it does not mean that students should not be taught fundamental truths of all religions. Fourthly, our system of examination is ill conceived. It does not test the true knowledge of an examine. Lastly, the majority of schools and colleges do not have sufficient arrangement of games and sports. After the teaching hours, the students move about in the streets and indulge in the indecent fro lice. In short, there should be some sound arrangement to divert their surplus energies into proper channels.

Dangers of the wide

spread indiscipline Students’ indiscipline is very harmful to the growth of democratic values. Indian democracy is passing through the formation stage of its development. It requires good citizens to reach maturity and perfection. Democracy means liberty, fraternity and equality but liberty should not be confused with disobedience; fraternity should not be taken for hooliganism and equality should not be considered synonymous with lawlessness. Indian democracy can never be safe in the hands of indisciplined citizens.

Conclusion Its remedies

We are fluttering in a vacuum of moral values. We will have to receive old moral values if we want to put a check to the present ever-growing students’ unrest. Moral instruction should be a part and parcel of education. Examination system has to be changed completely. The teachers, parents, politicians and administrators have to be ideal in character. A bad teacher creates a bad impression upon students. A good teacher commands universal respect and makes good students. A teacher-politician is a curse to the society. The whole atmosphere in educational institutions has to be purified. Then, we can think in terms of discipline among students.

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