Hippies are a common sight now for India. They are seen in groups and bunches place of pilgrimage, but they are not rare in other places also. Generally, they are foreigners-young boys and girls belonging to European and American countries. They are immediately recognized because of their unruly addiction to behaviour, indisciplined attitude, abnormal dress, abnormal habits, shameless postures and to narcotics and drugs. They carry with them narcotics and drugs without licence and generally smoke ganja’, “charas and take such other strong drugs that are injurious for normal health. It is not young boys alone who have taken to this cult, young girls have also come down from European and American countries and have become Hippies. These young girl hippies do not have those moral standards that are usually expected of young girls in India. Their food habits cannot be said to be very normal. The only special feature about them is that they take to meditation, sit in temples and seek peace and salvation. It is said that they have been taken to this cult and come to India because India is recognized as the country of meditation, sages, saints and philosophy of eternal peace. Generally they put on cowboy pants and shirts or bell-bottoms, but they are also seen in Indian dresses like Kurta, Pajama or a Lungi. They are fond of growing beards and keep their body dirty.

Generally, the hippies are guided by the philosophy of realism as propounded by Jean Paul Statre, the famous literate and thinker of France and the philosophy of Idealism as found in Indian way of life. They are like the ‘Avdhoots’ or ‘Hath Yogis’ of India. They seek salvation through a cult which in many respects resembles the philosophy known as Vam Marg’ in Indian thought. They think that they can achieve salvation through drugs and indulgence in all source of immoral activities. They seek this way of life in order to compensate the frustration of their lives. They are, in fact, psychologically deceased persons and seek redress of their disease in this cult. They find expression for their frustration, inhibition and unfulfilled desires in this cult. This cult was originated in Europe and America and has now come to this country.

In fact, Hippies is a make belief and a life in fools’ paradise. The result is that they have become a problem to law and order and the social values of the country to which they belong and in which they live. They indulge in such activities which are not only anti-social but sometimes anti-national. They are an attractive sight to the people of India. Those who live in this country, look at the with curiosity and entertain themselves.

Hippies usually come out of their houses with very little money with them. Their main object of coming out is to seek salvation. Generally, those young boys and girls who have suffered frustration join this cult and fraternity. Once they have joined this group they roam about and visit various countries. In order to meet their expenses, they carry on all sorts of activities legal as well as illegal. They carry on trade in contraband goods and narcotics. They sell things that are usually not allowed to be sold. They do not hesitate in committing breach of international laws in regard interest.commerce and morality. Some of the countries that are in espionage and secrets about other countries employ them as their agents. On the other hand, espionage agencies have sent their spies in the form of hippies to other countries and have employed countries. them as agencies for collecting secrets of those That is why most of the countries have banned and prohibited the entry of hippies in their territory. Only countries like India that are very democratic and liberal in these matters are still permitting them to stay on. Countries have sometimes to take drastic measures to curb the anti-social activities of hippies. District officers of many districts of India have taken such steps. They were forced to take these steps because the activities of these hippies were causing a problem not only to law and order but also disturbing the social norms.

Hippies may have been started with genuine intentions but it has degenerated into a cult which is injurious for social and national life. Hippies if allowed to continue, would bring about serious social disorganization. Their activities as already stated are in many respects anti social. They tell and reflect adversely on social life, social values end social norms. They are also responsible in spoiling the discipline of young boys and girls. Once young boys and girls see these hippies behaving in abnormal manner, they get attracted towards them. This is so because of an added reason. In India foreigners are considered to be superior. This psychology is a gift of the foreign domination of this country for hundreds of years.

This psychology of inferiority complex unnecessarily attracts young boys and girls towards the cult which is in fact a social evil. The earlier they are turned out of the country the better it would be in the interest of that land. The is more true about India. They indulge not only in anti-national activities but also espionage. They are responsible for grouping agencies from which they can get certain important secrets and information. Morally they are very loose and sometimes they indulge international activities because they are not genuine hippies but are agents of the foreign espionage agencies or spies. Hippies is a bane for Indian society and injurious for Indian culture. Earlier it is done away with and the sacred and cleared of the hippies, the better it would for our country.

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