English – The National Language


A national language is the language of the whole nation. Firstly, it must be spoken by the majority of the people forming the nation. Secondly, it must be simple enough to be learnt well by those people of the nation whose mother-tongue is different. Thirdly and lastly, it must be powerful so as to grow and flourish in order to enable itself to keep pace with the march of time. Its literature must be rich and prosperous. Its vocabulary must be flexible and receptive. A national language is essentially an outcome of the cultural treasure and progress of the nation.

Hindi as the national language

Hindi fulfils these conditions and it is the best as also most common among the Indian languages. It is the easiest language to learn and is a fast growing language: It is the most popular language in India as it is the medium of expression of nearly two hundred millions of people. From the Northern and Central India, it has stepped into Bengal though this State has its own very opulent language and literature. In the South, the people have begun to look at it with a kind eye and are trying to learn it with sincerity. The people of South have shaken off their hostility, and are eager to accommodate Hindi. It is a well-known fact that Hindi is rapidly enriching its vocabulary and phraseology to meet the challenge of Science, Technology and Medical Science. Looking at the situation from all the angles, the Central Government has granted Hindi the status of ‘National Language’.

Sanskrit as the national language

Inspired by the foolish vision of a Hindu Raj some orthodox Hindus placed forward the absurd suggestion of making Sanskrit the national language. These fanatics do not understand the pulse of time. No reasonable person can deny the greatness of Sanskrit language and literature. It is beyond controversy that Sanskrit today is a dead language for all practical purposes. Sanskrit can be learnt and spoken as a treat by Hindu scholars and other highly educated Indians. But it cannot be spoken and written freely by the Indian masses.

The claim of English-Under no circumstances, English can be retained as the nation language of India. Lovers of English have strongly opposed the claim of Hindi and have advocated the cause of English vigorously. They feel that replacement of English by Hindi would mean an immediate collapse in the administrative machinery and educational structure of the country. It is extremists, view. The Universities Commission Report, which came in August September 1949 had recommended Hindi as the national language and had suggested the relation of English for a considerable time. That ‘considerable time’ is now over and protagonists of Hindi have made it powerful and rich enough to shoulder the responsibilities of the national language. We may apply two-language formula or three-language formula, but Hindi should be given pro per place among the languages of India to achieve national integration.


With the passage of time, minor discussions regarding script etc., have come to an end. We have adopted the ‘Devanagri scripts.’ Now we should make all possible efforts, rising above caste, creed and personal prejudices, to make Hindi a vital, throbbing national language. Then and only then, we can able to create unity in diversity and can materialize our dream of national integration.

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