As we all know, democracy is a type of Government of the people, by the people and for the people. The aim of true democracy is the material and economic advancement of people. If it fails in its primary objective, as it has failed in India, we can better long for dictatorship or monarchy, for in spite of the golden promises by leaders and statesmen, we all see that the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. The past thirsty years of democratic rule in India has brought her no nearer to material and economic prosperity; unemployment and poverty, corruption and population are on the increase.

The problem is not so beffling as our leaders makes it out to be. The old system of education with all its horrible evils persists, for the officers and ministers at the helm of affairs hardly care to come in closed touch with the needs of the masses. They care more their own thrones and have ever an axe to grind. One fails to understand why the present schools and colleges cannot be or rat her could not be changed so as to make them meet the needs of the changed society. Every time a lame excuse is put before the young men and the public in general, as the main obstacle in the way of tackling the problem of unemployment and poverty. Some of the present day educational institution may keep their literary but the masses need industrial, technical education etc. to obliterate unemployment and poverty. We have mills and factories everywhere system in the towns and cities of India. Let them be made as training centres-practical, frugal and convenient from every point of view. Why are the young labourers kept aloof from them? Training on a scientific basis needs courage and revolution so as to bring about a complete change in the present system. Our so-called educationists and experts beat about the bush and do not seem to be sincere in making a change in the present system so as to suit the need of the community,

We are wasting huge sums of money for the uplift of the so-called Haijarans and for continuance of the old hackneyed system of education which even Mahatma Gandhi had once condemned.

But who cares to follow the Mahatma ? The so called leaders and ministers have no time to look into the real difficulties that have to be overcome for meeting the desired change in the desired direction. They all clamor for change but it is a surprise to see that there is no change or even no attempt to change. Their ways are the ways of redtapism and sidetracking the main issue.

But necessity is the mother of invention. The educational system will have to be changed unless we are bent upon bringing about a bloody revolution for changing the present system of administration. Poverty and unemployment have a limit and patience is exhaustible. The coming generations cannot wait for long and look to the so called leaders for the solution of their problems. The masses are now quite away to their needs. Hence, the sooner the government rises to the occasion, the better it would be for the country and society as a whole.

The people no longer want slogans and cries. They want deeds and acts for their well-being and prosperity. There were once times. when the political parties could bluff the people and win the election, Money and drink cannot purchase the common man who under stands the value of his vote and the mental, selfish lethargy of his leaders and administrators.

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