Animal Husbandry Techniques: Chhattisgarh

Vaccination for animals

  • Vaccinations should be completed for animals for their Winter preparations.
  • Since it is given twice a year, pre-monsoon and pre-winter, vaccination must be repeated against Foot and Mouth Disease in Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, and Pigs.
  • During the early months of the Rabi season, say early September to October, sheep and goats will be vaccinated against Enterotoxaemia, Goat Pox, and PPR illness.
  • Vaccination schedules for poultry should be followed according to the age of the birds, regardless of the season.

Insemination practices

Artificial insemination should be kept going. Farmers should monitor their livestock for signs of heat, particularly during the winter when the symptoms of heat might be difficult to detect. It is usually recommended to contact a veterinary officer or par veterinary worker and have the animal inseminated at home rather than transporting them to a veterinary facility, this is especially important in light of the current Covid Pandemic.

Productivity checks

  • Farmers are advised to add mineral minute – 60g per day in adult dairy cows and 20-30g in tiny ruminants – on a regular basis to sustain productivity and boost animal immunological health.
  • One to two weeks before to vaccination, try to deworm animals with a broad spectrum dewormer and remove ectoparasites using safe pesticide sprays.
  • It is critical to dilute pesticide sprays in water according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the person applying the spray should wear an appropriate mask.

Bathing practices for animals

During the winter months, the frequency should be reduced for cleaning and bathing animals. Animal housing needs to be reinforced so that animals are not exposed to the cold. This is especially essential in the state’s northern regions. Farmers should use physical distance, wash their hands frequently, and wear a mask anytime they go to the market to sell or buy farm produce. Prefer online marketing platforms and selling direct to customers to get a better price and avoid having to go to congested marketplaces.

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