The word ‘advertise’ is derived from the Latin word ‘advertere’, which means ‘notice’. So advertisement means ‘notification’. In the modern age, advertisement is a kind of self recommendation. The most successful businessman is he who knows the art of advertisement. In the modern business, the real worth of an article is of little importance; the important thing is the way in which the public attention is drawn towards that article. Thus, the object of advertisement is to praise one’s goods, articles and to impress upon the public mind their superiority over the products of the same type.

Advertisement is of ancient origin

Advertisement is of ancient origin but advertisement in its present form is an outcome of the excess of industrialisation. It is a weapon which can be used for any purpose with an intention or motive. In the present time, advertisement, as an art and method, has reached the highest point of perfection. Cut-throat competition dominates the society. In every walk of life, this keen competition is visible. Advertisement is the only weapon which equips us to face the cut-throat competition.

Advertisement is an art

It is an art to write an advertisement, In may be comparatively easy to compose a poem, a short play or novel because the writer has freedom to make his composition short or long, easy or difficult. The advertisement writer has no such freedom. The subject is not of his choice and the space at his disposal is strictly limited. The meaning of the advertisement should be so clear as to flash upon the mind of every reader at the very first glance.

Forms of advertisement

There are numerous methods and forms of advertisement crude and subtle. Newspapers and periodicals serve as important channels of advertisement. Signboards, posters, hand bills are equally important means of advertisement Films, loudspeakers and radio sets are the latest sources which the advertisers have employed for their purpose. Writing on the walls is a crude method of advertisement. There are many other forms of advertisement. There is no limit to the capacity of human mind, hence there is no exact number of the methods of advertisement Turn your eyes where you may, it must fall upon a piece of advertisement. Walls, road, front parts of the shops, trains, cars, buses, railway stations-everywhere you find something for your attention It you are witnessing pictures on the screen in the cinema hall, you are sure to have a glance of advertisement-slides during the recess.

The use of advertisement

The use of advertisement are numberless. In this age of great competition, good quality of work alone will not do. Even in the case of first class goods, advertisement is necessary. The person who shouts most loudly, arrests the attention most successfully. Without advertisement, international trade and commerce cannot prosper. Most of the newspapers would fail with out advertisements, because advertisements feed newspapers to a great extent. Advertisement provides a help to the consumers who want to purchase the best article at the cheapest rate.

The abuse of advertisement

The abuses of advertisement are also numberless. In most case, advertisement at present has taken the shape of cheating. Sometimes, the tone of the language used in advertisement is indecent and offensive. Sign-boards and posters make the city walls and street look dirty and untidy. The cinema advertisements have developed into a social nuisance. The ekkas, tongas, rickshaws, taxis and other vehicles being fitted with obscene posters and pictures on them are used by the owners of cinema houses for advertisement. boys and girls. These pieces of advertisement corrupt the young


Advertisements reflect the culture of the people. A foreigner can form the opinion of every aspect of our life-art, moral, principles, culture, business, trade and intelligence by having a lock at our posters and play cards.

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