Life is full of monotony. People have to face a lot of troubles daily due to the acute problems of life. So man needs change. We too were tired of monthly examination. We all discussed among ourselves about this proposed journey and we decided to go to Nainital during the Dusshehara vacation. The month of October is supposed to be the best season to sea Nainital. In this month there is no chance of rain. The sky is clear and one can have a good view of the snow-capped mountains from any top of the hill in Nainital. We had already heard many a praise of Nainital and so we were very keen to see it. We all were eight friends and we all were sure to have a happy time. So we decided the date of our departure and were busy in the preparations of the journey.

Necessary preparations for the journey

We decided to stay there at least for a week so that we might have a full view of Nainital. So we began our preparation fully. We got our woolen clothes washed and purchased other necessary articles also. We had everything with us which were to be used in a hill station. Now the appointed day came. On the day, we packed up our luggage and started for the station at 8 P. M. as the train was to leave the station in time.

Description of the scene at the booking window

When we reached the station, we hired five coolies to carry our luggage. After that we reached the booking window. There was a great rush at the booking window and we were at our wit’s end to see such a heavy rush at the window. We were to purchase third class tickets so we were now at our wit’s end what to do. One of my friends, stood in the long queue in a very desperate mood. The booking window. was actually overcrowded. But by the grace of God, facing a lot of difficulties, my friend purchased the tickets. We all were happy to get the tickets. Now we all reached the platform No. 6, where the train bound for Kathgodam was already there in its proper place fully ready for its journey.

Description of the scene at the platform

The platform was giving an unique scene. It was overcrowded. The passengers were moving here and there with their luggage. All were waiting anxiously to get a proper place to sit on. Many were standing and chanting. Some were running in confusion. Some were running after the conductor to book a sleeping berth for them. The hawkers were very conspicuous to the every of passengers. They were crying in a very peculiar but professional sound to sell their goods. Some of them were very cunningly persuading the passengers to purchase their goods.

Description of getting berth in compartment

Now we tried to get some seats in one third class compartment. There was a mad rush for it. We all moved from one end of the train to the other but got no place in any compartment. Many passengers were trying to get out while others were pushing to go in. All were in a great hurry. So Many passengers were moving but not getting accommodation. All third class compartments were fully packed. Our coolies also failed to help us. In the meantime, I saw a friend of mine sit ting in one compartment which was bolted from inside. I called him and seeing me, he at once came to our help. He advised me to go in through the window. Two of us did so and with great difficulty, we were in. Going in, we occupied one sitting berth. After that we helped our remaining friends also and now we all were in We could get only a standing place.

Difficulties during the journey

We had to face many difficulties in the third class compartment. It was fully packed up. So many people were standing. It was suffocating in the overcrowded compartment. We felt so much disgusted that we began to think to get down. We looked here and there but could get no vacant seat, we had got only one seat which was totally insufficient for us. At last the train whistled and steamed off. Then we took a breath of relief. But our difficulties did not come to an end. At every station a large number of people used to get in and get out. Some of the passengers who were standing at the entrance objected and checked the passengers come in. So a quarrel arose. Now and then, hot words were exchanged. Once even the abusive language was used and blows were exchanged. We were thoroughly tried and it was with great difficulty that we somehow managed to remain standing. Persons who got the seat to sit began to doze but for us there was no question of dozing. At about 4 A. M. the train reached “Bhojee pura’ when a large number of passengers got down. Then we got some place and were relieved of the pain.

Scene seen from the train

Though we had to face much trouble, yet we got the opportunity of enjoying the scenes at night. from the third class compartment. Really it was a beautiful scene. The train was running with a great speed. All the trees and houses were wheeling back. The stars seemed to be coming on our track. The train whistled and passed quickly so many small stations behind. It was a moonlit night. The nature appeared silvery white. All the objects outside the compartment looked silvery. Sometimes when a gush of the cold wind came, we felt refreshed and comforted.


Somehow or the other, our train reached Kathgodam at about 8 A. M, and our journey ended. We had a difficult journey and were completely fired. Really the third class compartments in Indian trains are not good for travelling, I can never forget the troubles which I had to face while journeying by train in a third class compartment.

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