Organic Inputs For Natural Farming



Cow Butter Milk5 Liters
Coconut Water 1 Liter
Fruit Juice1 Liter
Turmeric100 Gram
Hing20 Gram

It has pesticide actions.

Method of application

1 Liter of this solution diluted with 10 Liters f water before spray used as for plant protection against fungal disease and insects

Source: Akhil Bharatiya Sajiv Kheti Samaj, Mapusa, Goa Scientific validation yet to be done


Crush 3 kg Neem leaves in 10 Liters of Cow urine.
Crush 2 kg custard apple leaves, 2 kg papaya leaves, 2 kg pomegranate leaves and 2 kg guava leaves in water. Mix the two and boil 5 times at same interval till it becomes half. Keep fr 24 hours, then filter squeeze the extract. This can be stored in bottles fr 6 months.
Dilute 2-2.5 litre f this extract t litre t 100 litre fr acre.
Benefits: Useful against sucking pests, pd/fruit borers.

Neem Leaves Custard apple leaf Papaya leaf Pmegranate leaf Guava leaf

Source: NCF, Ghaziabad (2011-12)


Neem Leaves5 Kg
Cow Urine5 Liters
Cow Dung2 Kilogram

Crush 5 Kilogram Neem leaves in water
Add 5 liters Cow Urine and 2 Kilograms of Cow dung
Ferment for 24 hours with intermittent stirring
Filter squeeze the extract and dilute t 100 liters
Use as foliar spray over one acre Useful against sucking pests and mealy bugs. Source: NCF, Ghaziabad (2011-12)


Ipomea Leaves (Besharm)1 Kilogram
Hot Chilli500 Gram
Garlic5 Kilogram
Neem Leaves10 Liters

Crush 1 kg Iopmea (Besaram) leaves, 500 Gram hot Chilli, 500 gm Garlic and 5 kg Neem leaves in 10 liters Cow urine. Boil the suspension 5 times till it becomes half
Filter squeeze the extract. Store in glass or plastic bottles
2-3 liters extract diluted in 100 liters is used for one acre.
Useful against leaf roller, stem/fruit/pod borer Source: NCF, Ghaziabad (2011-12)



Earthen Pot1 Unit
Indigenous Cow Urine5 Liters
Neem Leaves1 Kilogram
Pongamia Leaves1 Kilogram
Calotropis Leaves1 Kilogram
Jaggery50 Gram

Method of Preparation

  1. Collect the fresh leaves of Neem, Pongamia and Calotrpis and crush them
  2. Mix the Cow urine, Cow dung and Jaggery properly in the earthen pt.
  3. Add the crushed leaves t the earthen pt and stir well.
  4. Cover the mouth f the earthen pt with a clean cloth
  5. Store it in a shade place for 7-10 days.
  6. Collect the extract and further add 5 litre f Cow urine and again collect the extract every 10 days.

Method of Application

For use dilute 20 ml f extract per litre f water and spray the crp r drench the sil in a rse cane fr control of disease pests


S K Parija Method, Bhubaneswar


Neem leaves extract250 ml
Desi Cow Urine2.5 Liters
Earthen Pot1 Unit

Method of Preparation

  1. Collect the fresh leaves of Neem, extract juice out of it.
  2. Take an earthen pot and pour the Cow urine.
  3. Pour the Neem juice extract and stir well. The medicine is ready in 1 day.

Method of Application
Dilute 50 ml for every litre f water and spray in crop.
S K Parija Methd, Bhubaneswar

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