Livestock Goat & Poultry Management

During Extreme Summer Wallowing arrangements should be made in the farm itself during the hot summer months. Various cooling systems, such as fans, wet curtain or panels, air coolers or conditioners, can be utilised on big commercial dairy farms during extremely hot conditions. Providing chilled potable drinking water helps to alleviate heat stress during hot … Read more

Livestock management in Uttar Pradesh

The temperature gets cold during Rabi season, so we need to create suitable precautions to safeguard our animals from cold stress so that they don’t get sick (respiratory difficulties) and can continue to produce. Dairy Animals Feed additional roughages (hay, straws, etc.) or forages (berseem) to keep the dairy cows’ milk production and body heat … Read more

Livestock and Fishery management in Andaman & Nicobar Island

Livestock: After the rainy season, livestock should be adequately dewormed for internal parasites and dipped for external parasites in collaboration with veterinary physicians, state veterinary departments, or KVKs. Vaccination schedules for livestock illnesses should be followed as recommended by the state Veterinary Department, for example, immunisation for swine fever in pigs, vaccination for FMD in … Read more