It becomes monotonous that one should be with in the four walls of the house. One feels troubled when he is inside home. Home becomes like a prison. Picnic is essential for the end of monotonous life of a man. That is the reason that one goes to a hill top, a hill garden, a river basin or a seashore. In Calcutta, people go to the Botanical Garden. In Delhi they go to Kutub Minar and in Bombay they go to Juhu seashore.

Arrangements for picnic

Once we thought to go for a picnic to a river bank. Preparations for it were made one day ahead. Some one was entrusted the cooking arrangements another the seating, the third music party and the fourth was deputed for boating arrangements.

Picnic programme

It was the month of December. We took a boat at 7 A. M. It was going smoothly and the radars were striking the waves. A bold wind was blowing. The rising sun reflected its red waves upon the water. People were bathing and children were splashing the water. Some boys told a story on the boat and some sang a line of a song. The boat was full of laughter.

After sometime, the boat was on the other bank. The boys proposed that the girls should cook meals. The girls pleaded for equality and their right was conceded. The boys helped them in cooking. At first, there was light refreshment and tea. The other time there was breakfast, then a full meal. The food was tasty. Many dishes had been prepared with what we had in our stock.

Some played at the harmonium, some enjoyed the playing cards and the others were contented with gossiping. Some of us went to the shore and began to swim, while the others played Kabbaddi at the shining mounds of sand. These engagements continued for hours.

At 4 P. M. we again took meals and then there was arrangement for “Kavi Goshthi”. The girls sang better then boys. Everyone had to sing something. It appeared that music and laughing is common to all. The girls sang the filmy songs in sweet tones and the boys sang song full of patriotism.

End of picnic

By this time it had become dark. The moon light made the whole atmosphere silvery. We took the boat and star ted our journey back. The whole day was thus spent happily.


Many years have passed since that event but still the memory of that pleasant day is afresh. Whenever we remember about that picnic, we are filled with joy and feel ourselves young and full of zest and courage.

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