“Comfort in worldly circumstances is a condition which even man is justified in striving to attain by all worldly means. It secures that physical satisfaction which is necessary for the culture of the better part of his nature; and enables him to provide for those of his own household” said Samuel Smiles. For this comfort both health and wealth are necessary. The question then arises. “Which is superior ?”

Desire for wealth

In this materialistic age, the desire to be wealthy is innate in every man. His desire for wealth is insatiable. The circle of desires is ever increasing. But man does not realize that wealth is only a temporary thing. There were millionaires who were reduced to paupers with only one stroke of fate. Anything may happen that may bring a sudden turn in one’s fortune. Providence may make on bankrupt in a single minute, from a King to a beggar, from commanding millions to one without an attendant. The vicissitudes of fortune are inevitable, beyond the capacity of any human being. The wealth cannot necessarily bring happiness. Wealth is not happiness.

Wealth An evil

The greatest evils of man have been from the poorest classes. Wealth also tempts man to many evils, Often many men succumb to this temptation. Thus there are drunkards, smokers, etc. who cannot afford to miss any picture. Nothing can be more harmful to a man than to have his mind laden with pleasure. The greater part of the leisure hours is occupied by preposterous things.

Importance of physical health

On the other hand, health is absolutely necessary. A man without physical strength is without life. He cannot even move. What can a man whose stomach is as weak as blotting-paper, whose hands are pitch less, body limps and legs calves less, do? He will fail to do anything in life. So health is absolutely necessary.


The wealth, itself, is not bad. It depends on its use or abuse. It is excellent to be millionaire but it is bad to use it like a millionaire. The importance of little wealth cannot be under estimated. Wealth is required in everything and a certain amount of luxury helps us to become refined. It gives us culture and good taste. If this disappeared, we would sink to the level of mere beasts.

Hence wealth and health are equally necessary. They can be compared to the two wheels of a vehicle. Remove anyone and the vehicle will not move. But, even then, health has a slight eave over wealth.

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