The present system of education has been once for all condemned in toto. It no longer serves the purpose of education in free India. Long before, Mahatma Gandhi wrote against it, but unfortunately our administration failed to rise the occasion and do the needful. The masses were charmed to the Indian National Congress that did nothing in the field of education. In fact, it ever cared to preserve the throne for itself and hardly took a trouble into the coming appalling problems of poverty and unemployment although many clamored for it. Mahatma Gandhi vividly threw light on the evils of the Education system, but the Congressmen hardly cared to follow his ideals. The result is what we see today-unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and other social ills. The problem of the low and the high castes in India has been brought to the forefront by the shortsighted policies of the Congress and its blind supporters so that even the efficiency in administration is lost while reserving seats for so-called backward and scheduled castes. The Government wants to exploit the high castes at the cost of the low castes. It is why that new troubles are arising hers and there. All leaders and all news papers speak for the uplift of the backward and the untouchables but can the law enforce change the mental bias of the villagers and the illiterate in India ? No., let us not play with fire. We should not can do one thing at a time-If we have to work for the uplift of the weak and the backward, we have to give up the communal idea of caste-ism and base our efforts on the basis of merit and efficiency in every sphere of life. No laws can force the whole conservative and illiterate community to play into the hands of the Janta or the Congress leaders. If we are sincere to raise the standard of the Harijans, we should start with courage from below, i. e., from the villages. We should start schools and reform houses to teach social habits for the uplift of all backward persons, be they untouchables or others. Let caste disappear from Government records once for all.

If education has to play its right part, it must embrace all, be they Harijans or others. Education must prepare the citizens for varied fields-technical, industrial scientific, mechanic or literary fields. So we must have different types of colleges to meet the needs of the local population. We should not try to tie the whole lot with one formula enunciated by Lucknow or Delhi educationists and officers. Multiplicity should be taken recourse to. Military needs too are to be met with.

The Government should not shirk its duty to the country. Let the present literary institutions be changed into technical, agricultural, industrial, science and mechanic institutions; all separate from each other. No ‘Khichhadi’ is require as was done in some of our schools. Research colleges have their own value and have to be classified according to the needs of the qua. Money has to be provided for changes. It must come from the people, if the people are to benefit by them. Let the classification of the educational needs be recorded and changes be made accordingly. Local factories, mills, workshops all should play their part and give necessary training to our young man. Some elementary education is the common need which should include knowledge of elementary mathematics. Hindi and world geography specialization, so is the term in the commonsense used, should invariably be the pivot round which the whole institution should revolve.

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